With a know-how acquired in 25 years of experience and thanks to the creative ability of proposing increasingly new solutions, LFP is nowadays capable of monitoring the projects of identity and communication of a company from
the embryonic stage of the brand to the identification of its correct market positioning, the most appropriate marketing strategies, until the reaching of the physical creation of the stores.


Esperienze professionali che si fondono, sensibilità che si incontrano, visioni che si
confrontano: sono le storie dei professionisti ma sono anche quelle dei loro clienti.
Storie di consulenze, di progetti, di allestimenti.

According to LFP the store has a central role into a brand’s strategy as it represents the primary visual contact point with the customer.

The results also depend on the methods.
The LFP Consultant Area builds its identity on the method: to analyze, to define, to develop.

LFP Communication develops all the in-store branding tools which support the purchase dynamics into the retail space by guiding and influencing the customer journey.

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