The value of analyzing.
The results also depend on the methods.
The LFP Consultant Area builds its identity on the method: to analyze, to define, to develop.
To analyze the sector trends, the performances of the stores, the statistics and the indicators of sales quality.
To define the business goals and to develop the most coherent marketing strategy to achieve them, to obtain an efficient management of the store and to increase the market share.

The analysis of the company positioning.
Each type of customer has different value systems, expectations and buying habits.
It is important to know and study those attitudes and habits as to evaluate the actual potential of our offer.
The analysis of the stores positioning is a service dedicated to all the types of companies, carried out by expert specialists in order to verify the efficiency of the product offer of the company.

What constitutes it:
1_ meeting with the customer company to assess the expectations and the goals of the work to be done
2_ analysis of the company offer
3_ choice of the most appropriate investigative tools:
• mystery shopping
• customer surveys
• intermediaries and sales partners’ surveys (store managers, branch  managers, franchises, etc.)
• focus group
4_ analysis of the collected data
5_ organization and presentation of a document containing the results of the analysis and useful operational tips to optimize the company’s positioning on the market.

The analysis of the positioning gives the company the opportunity of making important reflections
about its own path, past decisions and new future directions.


• what kind of customers are we addressing?
• which are the groups of customers potentially interested in the product?
• is our offer capable of satisfying their needs and their expectations in terms of service, quality and price?
• which are the characteristic features and/or advantages – real or perceived by the customers – of our offer?
• do the customers perceive different services or product offers between the various stores?
• how does the customer sense the competitors compared to us and to our offer?
• which are the characteristic features and/or advantages – real or perceived by our intermediaries and sales partners – of our offer?
• which are the areas for improvement suggested by the customers, the intermediaries and the commercial operators related to our offer?
• do we occupy the best position in the available market compared to the clients’ expectations and to the positions already taken by the competitors?
• do we use the most appropriate marketing tools to occupy and defend this position?
• which are the key factors for the success of our business nowadays?

It is necessary to analyze and plan the project for the physical creation of the stores according to a clear and distinctive vision in order to draw a unique and targeted shopping experience, but always strictly aligned to the marketing strategy of the brand.

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