The ability to interpret.
According to LFP the store has a central role into a brand’s strategy as it represents the primary visual contact point with the customer. LFP projects, produces and provides all the communication systems in support of the sale, as to give value to the retail environment and the exhibition of each product.
From the projects of in store formats of furniture and communication to the trade fair stands, from the brochures and catalogues to the corporate identity..

Unique and often pioneering solutions, experienced with
the customers and customizable, realized by eco-sustainable
and avant-garde technologies.

The store is a strategic touch point into the relationship with the customer. For this reason, to value its environment, from the shop window display to the interior design, and the product display by the use of avant-garde exhibition solutions and communication materials both in and out store, contributes to involve the customer into a unique and repeatable shopping experience.
A customer journey which is facilitated and amplified thanks to the most advanced digital platforms.

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