Large format

Ideal for the realization of display units and aids to the sales through panels, cardboard or Bio
laminil stands, panels for the building industry, advertising posters, graphics for the stores,
displays, banners, flooring and customization of vehicles and corporate fleets.

LFP takes advantage of its partnership with HP which gives it the possibility to print in digital
format on a wide range of supports like PVC banners, canvas, photographic paper, cotton,
polyester, mesh net, TNT, vinyl, stickers, tags, thanks to its ecological Latex printing system both in the “roll to roll” version and in the “Flat-Bed” one (even with the printing of the white).

Furthermore, LFP completes its production offer with the small format printing ideal for small- distribution projects printed on small paper supports, such as business cards, flyers, posters, leaflets, brochures, catalogues, shop window displays, customized folders, calendars.

Everything that supports the communication is realized and packed using professional solutions of packaging and converting to ennoble even the simplest product with effects that make it unique.