With a know-how acquired in 25 years
of experience and thanks to the creative ability of proposing increasingly new solutions, LFP is nowadays capable of monitoring the projects of identity and communication of a company from the embryonic stage of the brand to the identification of its correct market positioning, the most
appropriate marketing strategies, until the reaching of the physical creation of the stores.
LPF is capable of projecting a unique and targeted shopping experience, helping to evolve a store from a retail space to an active brand identity tool.

Not only a graphics industry at the service of customers but also a Hub organized by expert professionals in the retail field, where the demands and the needs of customers turns into ideas, the ideas into projects, the projects into innovative and efficient retail solutions.

The merging of professional experiences, the meeting of sensibilities, the confrontation of different visions:
these are the stories of the professionals but also the ones of their customers.
Stories of consultation, project and set up.
Stories of different personalities and opportunities participating, together with the variabilities of
their past, to the construction of LFP’s wealth and power.

Because every client, being it a company, a private or an agency, is considered by LFP as a partner to whom offer consultation in a fruitful relationship of exchange and confrontation, in order to
understand his principal demands and to individuate personalized and customized solutions, adequate to any creative and economic need. 

A single interlocutor for integrated communication, capable of controlling the entire production chain: LFP is capable of engineering handicrafts to produce them on an industrial level by following all the production flows up to their customized packaging.


25 years of experience in the field of visual communication have given LFP the opportunity to become a pioneer in the new printing techniques, especially the digital ones.
It has indeed invested in the latest technologies which allow maximum customization, speed, production and organization flexibility atypical of the field.

The sensibility and the attention towards environmental issues have led LFP to combine these production choices with others of an eco-sustainable nature.


Never before as in the last years
we are witnessing a real revolution into the
world of retailing: the store is no
longer just a fundamental tool to enter
in contact with the customer,
but the great changes which affect
the competitive dynamics
as well as the consumer behavior are
evolving its role towards new
functions and opportunities.

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